Virtual Sojourner
Student Activity #2: Remote Rover Rock Hunt


Guide your "rover" to a specified destination without seeing it! A rock is placed in another classroom (down the hall or around the World) and it is your class's job to find it by commanding a "rover" and receiving feedback.



Level 1--Find the rock.

Level 2-- Find the rock, but watch out!

Level 3--Map the classroom.

Decide which class searches first and how close the rover must be to the rock to consider the mission complete.

The "site class" begins by choosing a beginning place for the rock and rover. Represent these with objects or paper cut-outs. They tell the searching class the distance between them.

The "searching class" gives commands such as "go North 2.2 meters and West 1.5 meters."

The site class gives distance between rover and rock after each command set. Send the information through email or the text box of CU-SeeMe.

Trade jobs when the mission is complete.