Virtual Sojourner
Student Activity #2: Remote Rover Rock Hunt

Teachers' Resources

Grade level: Grades 4 - 12.

Approximate time commitment: 2 hours.

Skills: mapping, measurement, communicating, cooperative problem-solving.

Concepts: mapping, proportional reasoning.

Overview: students contact another classroom and take turns "hiding" and "finding" an object (a "rock") in the companion classroom.

Learning objective: work collaboratively to map, invent, and solve navigation problems with a "remote" classroom.



Ask another teacher's class to play --OR--

Request a companion classroom over the Internet.

NOTE: retain confidentiality of your students by not revealing their names (pseudonyms are OK).

Level 1--Find the rock.

Level 2-- Find the rock, but watch out!

Level 3--Map the classroom.

Note: You may download a text version of the entire activity.