This report is done in pairs. Student one will play the role of a television or radio interviewer. Student two will play the role of the main character found in the weather survival story.

Student one: Your role is to try to provide the audience with the information about what happened. Your audience will want to know what the weather conditions were like, what the character(s) had to do to survive, and how they felt about it. You will also want to give the audience insights into the character's personality and life. (It is not necessary that the reporter will have read the story).

Student two: It is important to be "in character" throughout the interview and take on the persona of the character. For example, you will need to take on the character's personality and put yourself in their "shoes" when remembering what happened to you and what you had to do to survive. You will have to think about what that person would have felt like.

It is the responsibility of the partners to create meaningful questions and appropriate responses so that the audience feels like they got the "whole story."

Student one: Write at least ten good interview questions to prepare yourself for the interview.

Student two: Write down what happened to you (the main character) in the story. Don't forget to describe the weather in detail.