Experiment #1: Magic Moisture

You can fill out this Lab Sheet on the computer and send it to your teacher's email address by clicking on the submit button when you are finished. Or click on this version, print it out, and fill it in by hand.

Question: When a glass filled with liquid is "sweating," where do the drops of water on the outside of the glass come from?


  1. First your group needs to discuss where the drops of water come from and come up with a theory or hypothesis. (For example: We think the drops of water on the outside of the glass come from the planet Venus.)

  2. Write your hypothesis in the section "Hypothesis" on your Lab Sheet.

  3. Next: Create an Experiment!
    You and your group will be given the following items:

    • food coloring
    • ice-cubes
    • 1 empty tin can
    • tap-water

    Your task is to design and carry out an experiment using all of these items to test your hypothesis about where the drops of water you see on the outside of the glass come from.

    On your mark, get set, go!

  4. When you have finished your experiment, think of the things you did step by step. Pretend that you are explaining the experiment to a friend.

    Write these steps on your Lab Sheet in "Steps Of Your Experiment."

  5. What happened? What did you observe or learn from your experiment?

    Record your observations in the section "Observations" on your Lab Sheet.

  6. Does your first hypothesis "fit" your observations or do you need to change your hypothesis?

    Follow the instructions for "Hypothesis Revisited" on your Lab Sheet.

    Then answer the question "Why did you change (or not change) your hypothesis?"

    Let's Talk About It!

  7. Open Class Discussion

    Your group's task now is to share your experiment and your findings with the other groups in an open all-class discussion.

    You will also present your hypothesis (where the drops of water come from).

    Different groups may have come to different conclusions. It is important to listen carefully as each group shares its' information and to re-think your own findings.

    After the class discussion, you and your group may want to redo your experiment. When you feel ready, you will:

    Write your Concluding Hypothesis on the Lab Sheet.

  8. Now, turn in your Lab Sheet

  9. Write definitions in your Science Journal for these words:
    • water vapor
    • condensation
Congratulations! Your Group is all done.

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