Precipitation Map Skills Activity Sheet

Examine this Oregon precipitation map (graph) to determine what information you will find before answering the following questions. Clicking this link will pop up another window. You should be able to move and resize the two windows so that you can easily click back and forth between this window and the map window, first examining the map for answers and then filling out your answer in this window.

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  1. Which color indicates the most precipitation?

  2. What is the least amount of precipitation any one area might normally get during a year?

  3. Does Eastern or Western Oregon get the most precipitation in one year?

  4. What clues does the large amounts of red and orange in Eastern Oregon give you about the climate?

  5. Estimate what percentage of Eastern Oregon get 60-80 inches per year.

  6. Does this map tell you what the weather is like in Oregon today?

  7. Can you tell from the map what type of precipitation each area gets each year?

  8. Does this map tell you how much rainfall each area in Oregon will get this year?

  9. What information does this map give you?

  10. List three math skills (or more) that the climatologist needed to use to make this graph.

  11. How do you get the mean? (Use your math book as a resource if you are not sure of your answer).

  12. What is a climatologist?

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