Wilderness Tips

A local organization - The Mountaineers - is an excellent resource for anyone planning expeditions to wilderness or mountain areas.

The Mountaineers publish books, provide training, and offer group excursions to wilderness areas. Their mission is "to explore, study, preserve, and enjoy the natural beauty of the Northwest."

A free pamphlet on their shelves - Hiking Safety and the 10 Essentials offers the following guidelines:

The 10 Essentials (Plus)
  1. Extra Clothing: Rain gear Wool or polypropylene (cotton is a no-no)
  2. Extra Food: Requiring no cooking High in carbohydrates Lightweight
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Pocketknife
  6. Firestarter: Candle stubs or solid chemical fuel
  7. Matches: In a waterproof container (or a Butane lighter)
  8. Flashlight: With extra batteries and bulb
  9. Map: USGS or Green Trails
  10. Compass
These items should also be regarded as essential:

For more information go to:

Olympia Branch Mountaineers
Project Safeside: Keeping you ahead of the Storm