Where Did The Moisture That Turned Into Snow Come From?

Substances can exist in three different physical states called "phases." The common states of matter are:

Water can exist in our atmosphere in any and all of these three phases. The air you breathe contains some water vapor mixed with other gases (such as nitrogen and oxygen). At times you will see raindrops or fog droplets (liquid water). At other times you may see hail or snowflakes (solid water).


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Locate the source of the water that becomes snow in the Puget Sound region. Look on the map of the Pacific Northwest.

Assume water in the air has evaporated from this large body of water. Evaporated water is in the form of water vapor.

One of the reasons weather forecasting in the Puget Sound region is difficult is because of its many unique geographic characteristics. These geographic characteristics provide differing weather conditions throughout the region. They also combine to create the "convergence zone" (CZ). The CZ accounts for large differences in precipitation over small distances.

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