Student Lab Sheet: Outside Soil Test

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Purpose: To investigate the heat absorption and transfer properties of various soils. You will experiment with Earth soils. You will compare your results with the Mars observations. ( You may notice there is not enough information to formulate a good hypothesis or reach a firm conclusion. ) The Martian data included here were collected under different conditions and for a different purpose. After your Earth soils experiments you will design your own experiment that could be carried on a future Mars mission.

Do this experiment outside under controlled conditions. Select a day when clear skies are forecast. Place the cups in a location which is not shaded during the day one day prior to reading the temperatures. Read the temperatures at the same intervals as the inside experiment. Begin as early in the morning and continue until as late as possible. (This lab is similar to the Inside Soil Test, only done outside the classroom) You will use the Scientific Method to gather information about the possibility of living on Mars.

Hypothesis 1: The changes its temperature more rapidly than soils.
Hypothesis 2: The soil will have a greater temperature change than soils.

Study the variables so that you will be better able to maintain the controlled variables and keep the experiment valid.





Conclusion: Now, compare your results with the initial hypotheses.

The first hypothesis WAS/ WAS NOT supported

The second hypothesis WAS/ WAS NOT supported

Explain how the results of this test support, weaken or otherwise affect the initial hypotheses.

What other information about Martian soil would you like to know?

Design an experiment for future Mars missions that would provide additional information about Martian soil that you think would be helpful: