[Live from Earth and Mars]

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Bad Air Day by Gordon Webb.

Clouds by Janice DeCosmo, Harry Edmon, and Ernie Recker.

Danger In The Air! by Janet Charnley and Roger Shimizu.

Mapping the Wind by Tim Hurley.

Mars Is Cool by Jackie Trump.

Mars Rescue Mission by Susan Stone.

Mission to Mars by Debbie Salter.

Northwest Weather Watch by Sue Palewicz and Marianne Scurlock.

Pressured to Precipitate by Doug Clawson.

Seasons by Karen Hardy.

Send in the Clouds by Annie Hyatt and Evan Justin.

Water: A Never Ending Story by Carl Gaddis, Aki Kurose, and Jan Tillotson.

Way Cool Tools for Mars Exploration by Rosalie Francisco, Thelma Ritchie, and Julie Sheehan.

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