Cruise Stage with Fuel Tanks

  1. Cut out strip "a." Attach slits and glue, forming a ring.
  2. Fold tabs in toward the center.
  3. Cut out circle "b." Glue to folded tabs on strip "a."
  4. Place a line of glue around the edge of circle "c." Attach part "a/b."
  5. Cut out fuel tanks, parts "d" and "e," forming a sphere. Cut slits to the center of each circle.
  6. Slide "d" onto "e," forming a sphere. Repeat to make 4 fuel tanks.
  7. Fold tabs on "e" in opposite directions. Glue fuel tanks to unprinted side below dotted circles. (Printed side is on the outside. Grids represent solar panels.)
  8. Cut out display base strip with "Mars Pathfinder" label. Glue on the "X," forming a ring. Display the completed model on the ring.


© 1998 Live from Earth and Mars, Thelma Ritchie, and Rich Edgerton