Finding Mr. Toad

Three tabs below cover phases of finding Mr. Toad, (or any object in stereo pairs). I'll describe finding Mr. toad; however, you may select any object which you can locate in both pictures.

The first phase is finding Mr. Toad. When you have located Mr. Toad press the left mouse button near by. Then drag the mouse with the button depressed until a rectangle is created which surrounds Mr. Toad. Do this in both images. (It is often necessary to click in the image region to get the image to appear completely.) When you are satisfied with the rectangles click the Add Clips to Clip List button.

The second phase is selecting corresponding points on the two images of Mr. Toad. To select corresponding points, click the Select Points tab. This will bring up your selected clips. click on corresponding points in the two images. You may click several times on each image to refine your selection. When you are satisfied with your selecton, click the Record Point button. You may record several points on and arround Mr. Toad.

The third phase is plotting these points on a map. To plot the points, click on Map near Lander. This will show a rectangular grid with the Viking Lander outline shown in orange. For these images, the field of view from the left camera is delimited by red lines; the field of view from the right camera is delimited by green lines. (Don't be confused by the short red and green lines in the lander body which show the reference directions for the two cameras.) If you want to plot your own version of the map, click on the Table of Points tab for a scrolling table which shows the pixel location of each point, and the X, Y, Z coordinates computed in the Lander Scientific Coordinate System (LSCS). The LSCS has it's origin in the deck plane of the lander. The X direction is perpendicular to this plane and positive downward. The Y axis lies in the deck plane through the center of the lander. Y is positive to the left. The Z axis is also in the deck plane and is positive away from the main portion of the lander.

Loading may Take A few Minutes, depending on your machine and network link.

param name = LeftImage value = "21h034.gif"

param name = RightImage value = "22h033.gif"

source of demo (425 lines of Java)