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Work in pairs if possible to search Live from Earth and Mars for the answers to the questions. For each question, give the URL, site name, and method you used to find it. We hope you will have fun with the parts you explore. Print this handout and begin your search at Live from Earth and Mars. Seek help from the areas of Teaching Tools (*), Earth (**), Mars (***), and Pathfinder (****).


What is the current temperature in Seattle? Look for weather data from a "local" rooftop.(**)



What is the "latest" temperature from the surface of Mars? (****)



What changes in human action have helped produce cleaner (more healthy) air? Link to the EPA to read about this "health issue." (*)



What is a measured rate of heating for Martian soil (in degrees per hour)? Find a graph of "Mars Soil Data" from which you can calculate a change in temperature over time, then divide. (*)




What is the date of a memorable snowstorm in Seattle? What do you remember about the storm? (*)




How could you simulate the radar mapping of Venus through a classroom activity? Look in a Mars-related activity in a place where seeing is discussed. (*)




In how many Washington counties does precipitation exceed 180 inches per year? Find a map that shows where heavy rain will occur in the State. (**)




Why does NASA use robots? (*)




On which day of the year does Wenatchee typically experience the greatest snowfall? (**)




How far away is the Pathfinder rover (Sojourner) from the lander? Warning-- slow connection! (****)




How long is a Martian day? (***)




How long is a Terrestrial (Earth) day? (***)




Ask (and answer) your own question:




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