Download and Analysis of Earth-Based Temperature Data


Photo Courtesy NASA

Note: Print this handout so you can refer to it during this activity.

Temperature is a fundamental physical concept--it's an easy measurement to make and relate to, and it can teach us so much about how the Earth and other planetary systems work. This is only the beginning of an Earth/Mars atmospheric temperature comparison unit from which we can expand our knowledge about both unique planets.

Comparing Earth and Mars--to be done after completing the Download and Analysis of Mars-Based Temperature Data activity.

Final Notes:

The temperature mast (above left) is very similar to the one used on the Pathfinder mission (above right). We measured the temperature profile over blacktop over a sunny Summer Seattle weekend. What differences would we see if we collected data: in the shade; while it was raining; today; or, at another latitude? How would you go about designing such an investigation?



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