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D. Availability of GMT and related code

All the source code, support data, PostScript and HTML versions of all documentation, and UNIX (including HTML) manual pages can be obtained by anonymous ftp from several mirror sites. We also maintain a GMT page on the World Wide Web (; See this page for installation directions which allow for a simplified, automatic install procedure (for a CD-R solution, see

The GMT tar archives are available both in gzip and bzip2 format. If neither of these utilities are installed on your system, you should know that the former program is available from GNUD.1 while the latter can be obtained from RedatD.2. bzip2 compresses much better than gzip: for example, the full resolution coastline database is only $\sim$29 Mb in bzip2 format compared to a hefty $\sim$44 Mb in gzip. These files have the .bz2 suffix.

The GMT archives are as follows:

Contains all GMT source code, cpt files, and PostScript patterns.

Contains the intermediate, low, and crude resolutions of the coastline database. Required with _progs.tar for minimal setup needed to run GMT.

Contains all GMT documentation (man pages, PostScript versions of both the Cookbook and Technical Reference and the tutorial, and the short course material).

Contains all HTML versions of all GMT documentation (man pages, Cookbook and Technical Reference, and tutorial).

Contains the optional full-resolution coastline database.

Contains the optional high-resolution coastline database.

Contains all the shellscripts and support data used in the Cookbook section.

Contains several programs written by us and GMT users elsewhere. (See Appendix A for more details).

Contains John Shewchuk's fast Delaunay triangulation routine which may be installed with GMT. (See the copyright information first if you are a commercial user).

All of the above archives are also available as Windows ZIP archives, e.g., For Windows users who do not want to compile themselves, there are two zip files with Win32 executables:
ZIP archive with all main GMT executables.
ZIP archive with all supplemental GMT executables.

The netCDF library that makes up the backbone of the grdfile I/O operations can be obtained from Unidata. A compressed tar file can be accessed (in binary mode) from the file netcdf.tar.Z in the anonymous FTP directory of The software distribution includes a PostScript file of the netCDF User's Guide, and there is also online documentation from their web site. [ is available for discussion of the netCDF interface and announcements about netCDF bugs, fixes, and enhancements. To subscribe, send a request to]. Precompiled libraries for WIN32 are also availableD.3.

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Paul Wessel 2004-10-01