gmtlegs - Find cruises in a given region


       gmtlegs -Rwest/east/south/north [ -G ] [ -M ] [ -T ] [ -L ] [ -V ]


       gmtlegs  will  report  the  name of all the cruises that happened to be
       wholly or partially inside the specified region.  As  an  option,  only
       those cruises that collected a certain type of data can be reported.

       -R     xmin,  xmax,  ymin, and ymax specify the Region of interest. For
              geographic regions,  these  limits  correspond  to  west,  east,
              south,  and north and you may specify them in decimal degrees or
              in [+-]dd:mm[][W|E|S|N] format. Append r  if  lower  left
              and  upper  right map coordinates are given instead of wesn. The
              two shorthands  -Rg  -Rd  stand  for  global  domain  (0/360  or
              -180/+180  in longitude respectively, with -90/+90 in latitude).
              For calendar time coordinates you may either give relative  time
              (relative  to  the  selected  TIME_EPOCH  and  in  the  selected
              TIME_UNIT; append t to -JX|x), or  absolute  time  of  the  form
              [date]T[clock]  (append  T  to  -JX|x). At least one of date and
              clock must be present; the T is always required. The date string
              must  be  of  the form [-]yyyy[-mm[-dd]] (Gregorian calendar) or
              yyyy[-Www[-d]] (ISO week calendar), while the clock string  must
              be  of  the form hh:mm:ss[.xxx]. The use of delimiters and their
              type and positions must be as indicated  (however,  input/output
              and plotting formats are flexible).


       No space between the option flag and the associated arguments

       -G     Report  cruises  that  collected  Gravity  data. [Default is any

       -M     Report cruises that collected Magnetics. [Default is any  data].

       -T     Report cruises that collected Topography. [Default is any data].

       -L     Long output, i.e. cruisenames and data types available. [Default
              is cruisenames only].

       -V     Selects verbose mode, which will send progress reports to stderr
              [Default runs "silently"].


       To find all cruises around Hawaii that collected gravity  and  topogra-

       gmtlegs -R-162/-152/18/25 -G -T > hawaii_gt.legs

       To find all cruises with magnetics:

       gmtlegs -R0/360/-90/90 -M > all_m.legs

       ping Tools Released, http: American Geophysical Union.
       Wessel,  P., and W. H. F. Smith, 1991, Free Software Helps Map and Dis-
       play Data, EOS Trans., AGU, 72 (41), p. 441.

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