mgd77info - Get information about MGD77 files


       mgd77info leg-ids -I|L [ -V ]


       mgd77info  reads  <legid>.mgd77  files  and produces a single record of
       information about  each  cruise  specified.  The  information  includes
       beginning  and  end  time,  total  track  distance  in  km, min and max
       regional extent, and the  total  number  of  geophysical  observations.
       Optionally, choose instead to see the original MGD77 header section.
       If  you  need  to know which tracks are crossing through a given region
       and what kinds of geogphysical  observations  are  available,  consider
       using the x2sys tools to set up a tracks index data base.

              Can be one or more MGD77 8-character cruise identifiers. To give
              a list of names, use ‘cat cruises.lis‘.  The ".mgd77"  extension
              will  automatically be appended, if needed. Cruise files will be
              looked for in the  current  directory  and  in  all  directories
              listed in $MGD77_DIR/MGD77_paths.txt.

       -I     Give a one-line summary for each cruise listed, OR

       -L     Give the long MGD77 header section for each cruise listed.


       No space between the option flag and the associated arguments

       -V     Selects verbose mode, which will send progress reports to stderr
              [Default runs "silently"].


       To get one-line summary information about  the  cruises  01010047.mgd77
       and 01010008.mgd77, try

       mgd77info 01010047 01010008 -I > listing.lis

       To see the MGD77 header for cruise 01010047.mgd77, run

       mgd77info 01010047 -L


       mgd77list(GMTMANSECTION),  mgd77track(GMTMANSECTION) x2sys_init(GMTMAN-


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