x2sys_binlist - Create bin-index files from track data files


       x2sys_binlist file(s) [ -TTAG ] [ -V ]


       x2sys_binlist  reads one or more track data files and produces a multi-
       segment ascii track bin index listing.  The input files can be  of  any
       format,  which must be described and passed with the -T option. The bin
       index listing is a crude representation of where the track goes and  is
       used  by  the  data archivist to determine which tracks need to be com-
       pared for crossover analysis. You must run x2ys_init to initialize  the
       tag before you can run the indexing.

       files  Can be one or more binary or ASCII data files. To give a list of
              names, use ‘cat list_of_files‘.


       No space between the option flag and the associated arguments

       -T     Sets the data set TAG which among other things sets the  defini-
              tion file.

       -V     Selects verbose mode, which will send progress reports to stderr
              [Default runs "silently"].


       To create a bin index table from the old-style GMT MGG  file  c2104.gmt
       using a global, 1x1 degree bin system, do

       x2sys_binlist c2104.gmt -TGMT > index.d

       To  create  a bin index list of all MGD77 files residing in the current
       directory at a bin resolution of 30x30 minutes, run

       x2sys_binlist *.mgd77 -TMGD77 > index.d



GMT4.0                            1 Oct 2004      X2SYS_BINLIST(GMTMANSECTION)

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