x2sys_get - Get track listing from track index databases


       x2sys_get -TTAG [ -Fflags ] [ -Rwest/east/south/north ] [ -S ] [ -V ]


       x2sys_get  will  return  the  track  data  files  that  match the given
       requirements. You may choose a geographic  region  and  optionally  ask
       only for tracks that meet certain data criteria.

       TAG    The unique name of this data type system.


       No space between the option flag and the associated arguments

       -F     Give  a  comma-separated  list of column names as defined in the
              definition file. [Default is all data columns].

       -R     xmin, xmax, ymin, and ymax specify the Region of  interest.  For
              geographic  regions,  these  limits  correspond  to  west, east,
              south, and north and you may specify them in decimal degrees  or
              in  [+-]dd:mm[][W|E|S|N]  format.  Append r if lower left
              and upper right map coordinates are given instead of  wesn.  The
              two  shorthands  -Rg  -Rd  stand  for  global  domain  (0/360 or
              -180/+180 in longitude respectively, with -90/+90 in  latitude).
              For  calendar time coordinates you may either give relative time
              (relative  to  the  selected  TIME_EPOCH  and  in  the  selected
              TIME_UNIT;  append  t  to  -JX|x),  or absolute time of the form
              [date]T[clock] (append T to -JX|x). At least  one  of  date  and
              clock must be present; the T is always required. The date string
              must be of the form [-]yyyy[-mm[-dd]]  (Gregorian  calendar)  or
              yyyy[-Www[-d]]  (ISO week calendar), while the clock string must
              be of the form hh:mm:ss[.xxx]. The use of delimiters  and  their
              type  and  positions must be as indicated (however, input/output
              and plotting formats are flexible).

       -S     Strip off the filename suffix when reporting.

       -V     Selects verbose mode, which will send progress reports to stderr
              [Default runs "silently"].


       To  find  all  the  tracks associated with the tag MGD77, restricted to
       occupy a certain region in the south Pacific, and have  at  least  free
       air anomalies and bathymetry, try

       x2sys_get -V -TMGD77 -R180/240/-60/-30 -Ffaa,top


       x2sys_binlist(GMTMANSECTION) x2sys_put(GMTMANSECTION)

GMT4.0                            1 Oct 2004          X2SYS_GET(GMTMANSECTION)

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