x_update - Archiving of Cross-Over Information


       x_update cross-overfile [ -Xxbase ] [ -Llegbase ] [ -V ] [ -Wmax ]


       x_update  reads the ASCII file produced by x_over and writes the infor-
       mation to the database files  xx_base.b  and  xx_legs.b  (unless  other
       filenames  are  specified  on the command line) using a compact, binary
       format. The options recognized are:

       -X     Indicate alternate xx_base.b file.

       -L     Indicate alternate xx_legs.b file.

       -V     Verbose. Reports the pair currently being processed.

       -W     Prints a warning if the number of COEs generated by any pair  of
              legs exceed max.


       For  security reasons the xx_legs.b are first renamed to xx_legs.b_old,
       to prevent loss of information if a black-out or  system  crash  should
       occur  during writing of the new xx_legs.b file. It is recommended that
       the old file is left on the disk in case of other disasters. Note  that
       x_update  does  not  check  if  a  pair  of  legs  already exist in the
       xx_base.b file. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that duplica-
       tion  of  information  does not occur. Should some pairs already in the
       database need to be re-examined, then run x_remove which will wipe  out
       all  traces of the specified cruises from the x_system data base files.
       Now  we  can  pass  the  pairs  that  need   to   be   redone   through
       x_over/x_update again.




       Wessel, P. XOVER: A Cross-over Error Detector for Track Data, Computers
       & Geosciences, 15, 333-346.

GMT4.0                            1 Oct 2004           x_update(GMTMANSECTION)

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