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James E. Tillman
Research Professor

Dept. Atmospheric Sciences
University of Washington
Box 351640
Seattle WA 98195-1640
(206) 543-4586, fax 543-0308
Email: mars@atmos.washington.edu

James E. Tillman is a Research Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington. Among his specialties are developing instruments and systems for the study of the atmospheric boundary layers of Earth and Mars, scientific studies of these atmospheres and applying these experiences to K-12, University, and public education. He was a member of the Viking Mission to Mars Meteorology Science Team and is the author of numerous scientific papers and a Co-Author of the "Atmospheric Dynamics" chapter of the book Mars. Through his initiative and efforts, encompassing science, engineering and an unprecedented pioneering of low cost Mars mission operations, the Mars Lander atmospheric climate data set was produced, about which Zurek, (Mars, Chap. 24, Univ Arizona Press 1992. ), states: "The meteorological time series acquired by the Viking Landers on the surface of Mars is unprecedented for planets other than Earth in terms of its longevity and its temporal resolution.",

To acquire multiple year's Martian meteorological data, he, his Viking Computer Facility staff, and a JPL programmer, converted the JPL Mission Operations Software to run at UW, taking over Viking Lander Spacecraft engineering data processing from Jet Propulsion Laboratory. For more than 1,000 Mars days, (sols), this was the only source for spacecraft engineering data, and the VCF staff played a primary role in doubling the lifetime of the mission. The system was then interfaced to the NASA Real Time Communications System, NASCOM, and based on this real time operation, Tillman initiated the "Viking View of Mars" permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. This exhibit, 1983 to present, was implemented by acquiring an image processing system and super mini computer by donations for the Museum and by developing state of the art hardware, software and institutional interfaces.

Tillman was a member of the Pathfinder Atmospheric Structures/Meteorology Science Advisory Team, and a collaborator in the Russian, European Mars 96 mission. He initiated the 3 year K-12 "Live from Earth and Mars" program and led the Pathfinder based Live from Mars component from Pathfinder Mission Operations at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This web based Live from Mars component, producing atmospheric temperature measurements from Pathfinder on the surfce of Mars, was immensely successful, receiving over 2 million requests during July 1997 ( over 10,000,000 web hits), and thousands of enthusiastic guest book entries worldwide. He obtained a donation of over $ 100,000 of computer workstations for this program, and initiated a second exhibit at the Smithsonial National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.

Tillman was invited to participate in the Mars NetLander 2003 ATMIS/Atmospheric Structure and Meteorology Instrument System Team as a Co-Investigator and attended the NetLander Science Meeting, Paris, FR, Nov 1997. He was the Principal Science Advisor for "Mission to Mars", a NSF funded national Traveling Exhibition for Science Education. In addition to scientific or technical papers, he has given hundreds of K-12 science, education and public service talks and has arranged/or been featured in, numerous television programs, as well as newspaper and magazine articles.

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Adam P. Bruckner,Professor

Dept. of Aeronautics & Astronautics
College of Engineering
University of Washington
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