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Science Curriculum Institute
University of Washington
Summer 1996

[SCI-live group]

The University of Washington (UW) hosted a curriculum development institute for teachers July 8 - 25 1996 on the UW campus. The Institute facilitated collegiality among a group of selected K-12 teachers, enhanced the teachers' understanding of Earth and space science concepts, expanded teachers' expertise in Internet-based teaching, and supported the development of educational modules to be posted on the World Wide Web (WWW). Teachers met, shared experiences, worked collaboratively, grew pedagogically, increased knowledge, explored topics of their choosing, created a personal Web site, and had opportunities for reflection and continuance. SCI staff will hold follow-up sessions throughout the school year to support curricular implementation and to investigate learning and teaching via the WWW.

Meet the SCI-Live participants and staff.

Review the itinerary and schedule for the institute.

Check out of some of the class activities.

Preview some of the Pilot Modules that the SCI-Live participants created.

SCI-Live is an outreach of Live From Earth and Mars and was sponsored by NASA's Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications (IITA) Program, High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) Department, Office of Aeronautics grant number NAG 5-2878. Their support and involvement is deeply appreciated.

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