Educational Modules

Interactive educational modules are the heart of "Live from Earth and Mars." The modules feature data and concepts from meteorology and space science. The modules are intended to supplement teachers' current curricula and are written to exploit the connectivity of the Internet and the immediacy of the World Wide Web. Please check EARTH and MARS for additional supporting data, information, and resources.

[Virtual Sojourner Module] Virtual Sojourner by Richard Edgerton. Carry out a "virtual Mars mission" just like the one Mars Pathfinder's rover, Sojourner, performed. Apply your new knowledge to future Mars missions! Grades 4 - 12.
[Danger Module] Danger in the Air! by Janet Charnley and Roger Shimizu. Connect weather and air quality through an observational study of air pollutants and weather patterns. Grades 5 - 8.
[Soils Module] Digging the Dirt by Julie Sutherland, Glenn Spinnie, Rich Edgerton, and Lisa Poor. Investigate the heat absorption and transfer properties of various soils to make an inference about Martian soil. Grades 4 - 8.
[Snow Module] Let it Snow! by Janice DeCosmo, Harry Edmon, Ernie Recker, and Rich Edgerton. Explore the factors involved in the occurrence of snowfall, particularly related to the unique geography of Western Washington. Grades 5 - 10.
[Mars Mission Module] Mission to Mars by Debbie Salter. Gather observations and data to generate a model that illustrates a landing site on Mars. Grades 5 - 12.
[Water Cycle Module] Water: A Never Ending Story by Carl Gaddis, Aki Kurose, and Jan Tillotson. Investigate the continuous movement of water from ocean to air and land then back to the ocean as you explore evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Grades 3 - 8.
[Cool Tools Module] Way Cool Tools for Mars Exploration by Rosalie Francisco, Thelma Ritchie, and Julie Sheehan. Explore the necessity of using special tools and equipment to do work and solve problems in space. Grades 2 - 5.
NW Weather Watch Northwest Weather Watch by Sue Palewicz and Marianne Scurlock Investigate how clouds are formed and the impact of weather on our lives. Grades 5 - 7.

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