Danger In The Air!
Activity #4: Finding and Analyzing Air Quality Data

car graphicShocking fact: Mexico City's air pollution levels exceeded healthy levels on 312 days in the year 1988!!!

Even though on an ordinary day there is the same amount of traffic, and our industries do not change, something else causes some days to have more pollutants concentrated in the air. Some days the pollution levels are so high it is not healthy to be outside. Let's explore a connection between weather and pollution...

Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper:

You are going to collect air pollution and weather data. Obtain your data from the World Wide Web. Input your data into the given tables or make ones like them.

Name of Reporter(s):

Monitoring for which city?

Air Quality






Use one of the following sources for your weather data:

Weather Data Chart

Date Time Precipitation Temperature Wind
Cloud Cover:
Clear/ cloudy/ Fog

Analyzing Our Information

Graph your weather data and air quality values. Answer the questions below with your group while looking at your completed graphs.

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