Danger In The Air!
Activity #5: Air Pollution and Health Issues

Student Information--Health

Did you know that 64,000 people in the United States die premature deaths from cardiopulmonary causes that are linked to particulates in the air? "Particulate air pollution" is composed primarily of smoke, soot, particulates from gaseous emissions from coal powered industrial plants and boilers, and from gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. See Deaths--Natural Resources Defense Council then answer the following questions on a sheet of paper.

What changes have helped produce cleaner air? Read Air Quality Highlights from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Due to enforcement by the federal government and the state of Washington, we have cleaner air to breath as compared to the past years. Even with tighter restrictions there were 4 days in 1994 recorded as "unhealthy." Read the EPA's New Proposed Particulate and Ozone Standards. What changes are proposed?

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