Danger In The Air!

Content Questions

  1. Describe in your own words the meaning of the term air pollution.
  2. List at least three substances that compose air pollution?
  3. What are the evidences of air pollution?
  4. What conditions in the atmosphere tend to improve local air quality?
  5. What conditions in the atmosphere tend to degrade local air quality?
  6. What natural factors affect the amount of pollutants in the air?
  7. List at least 5 ways that humans contribute to air pollution.
  8. How does air pollution affect people? Who is most affected?
  9. What local organizations work to protect air quality around Puget Sound?
  10. List at least two sources of air pollution.
  11. Why should air pollution concern you?
  12. List at least five things you (or your family) can do to help improve the quality of our air.

Process Questions

  1. Describe how to use a computer to obtain current information about weather and pollution.
  2. What were the sources of your information?
  3. Which sites did you like the best? Least? Why?
  4. Which sites did you like the best? Least? Why?
  5. What patterns did you observe when comparing weather data to air quality data?
  6. Which weather parameters seemed to correlate best with air quality?
  7. From your weather graphs, make a prediction about the current air quality.
  8. How can you test your prediction?
  9. List the sources of your health information.

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