1961 - 1990 All available data (entire "Period of Record", POR)
  Temperature Precipitation Snowfall & depth Heating/Cooling days
Dly. Temp. & Precip. Dly. Ext. and Avg. Mon. Avg. Dly. Extreme and Avg. Dly. Avg. Heating
Dly. Tabular data Spring 'Freeze' Prob. Dly. Ext. and Avg. Dly. Avg. Dly. Avg. Cooling
Mon. Tabular data Fall 'Freeze' Prob. Dly. Avg. Depth: Dly. Ext. & Avg.  
NCDC 61-90 Normals 'Freeze Free' Prob.   Depth: Dly. Avg.  
  All Dly. Tabular data
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