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The core program includes faculty, staff, and students in the departments of Atmospheric Sciences, Aeronautics/Astronautics, the UW's NASA Washington State Space Grant Program, and teachers and students in Northwest schools. UW personnel with extensive experience in the technical fields and in K-12 education, will provide the primary technical resource for the design, implementation and evaluation of the education modules, along with the JPL Pathfinder Project science and engineering teams, and public outreach personnel. The Pathfinder timeline controls and dictates our development schedule, requiring national distribution of modules for the 96-97 school year.

Teachers from regional and national schools are collaborating with our team to ensure that the materials produced will be appropriate for classroom use, and readily accepted. Stand alone modules for direct student and teacher use, including background information and reference lists, will cover a variety of topics throughout the grade levels. Widespread distribution of information on our products will be done through conferences, in-service events, summer programs and the Internet. Evaluations of the effectiveness of these modules is being incorporated in the program.

The NASA funded Remote Sensing Public Access Center, RSPAC, established to provide resources for these programs, will be used to test the modules on a wide range of platforms including Mac's, PC's and UNIX workstations, thereby minimizing our testing.

Finally, the collaboration and support of business, citizens, institutions, and civic organizations is solicited to insure the success of this program and the widest possible implementation. Digital Equipment Corporation's major support providing Alpha workstations for "Live from Mars" is greatly appreciated.

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