Exceptional Employees
J. E. Tillman

Charlie Strauss
Former summer employee
Lakeside High school
Seattle Washington

Most recently

 In the linked Baker Laboratory CASP4 report below, Charlie Strauss's unprecedented breakthrough is described.  "One of the most important unsolved problems in Molecular Biology is the protein folding problem, which can be stated simply as: given the sequence of amino acids of a protein, what is its three dimensional structure? What makes this problem so important is the fact that the structure of the protein determines its function."  During the second half of a year long Sabatical with the Baker Lab, Charlie Strauss became interested in the problem and worked on improving the Baker Lab's software to compete in the CASP4 competition which calculates the structure of selected proteins: the calculations are later comparewd with structures determined by other techniques. At the bottom of the page is a plot of the "average score per target" where "(2 points for a largely correct prediction, 1 point for a somewhat correct prediction, 0 points otherwise)". Due to Charlie's efforts, the Baker Lab's score is 1.75. The highest other score is 0.85 and a rough average of the rest is 0.35!

Please see 
Strauss accomplishment at the Baker Lab
I think I heard a bit from Charlie the year before last and he continues to do impressive things...he was one of most exceptional students ever.