Virtual Sojourner
Student Activity #1: Driving Blind

Suggested Teams


Camera--responsible for operating video equipment (in the classroom), interpreting video data, and ordering additional panoramas from the Lander team. Their mathematical skills in determining the scale of the images are critical.

Engineering--responsible for converting the R/C car or truck for the rover activity and calibrating its movements. Their mechanical skills in providing a reliable rover are critical.

Lander--responsible for creating the mission site and executing commands to the rover without knowing the rover's destination. Their ability to execute rover commands is critical.

Mapping--responsible for creating a scale map of the panorama and plotting the rover's course. Their spatial skills in determining the location of objects are critical.

Mission operations--responsible for facilitating communication between all teams and keeping the mission moving forward. Their leadership skills in coordinating the mission are critical.

Navigation--responsible for creating precise instructions to command the rover. Their programming skills in developing a usable code are critical.

Publications--responsible for writing a report that details the workings of every aspect of the mission. All decisions and results must be given. A conclusion must be offered at the end of the report that includes successes, failures, and suggestions for future missions. Their communication skills are critical.

Science--responsible for developing an experiment for the rover and a method of recording data. Their reasoning skills in determining what to do and how to accomplish it are critical.