Recent Snow Events

Here in the Seattle area we had a surprise snowstorm this year (1996) on November 19. This was the earliest recorded snowfall that Seattle has had in 11 years and almost set a record! While the necessary conditions for snow listed in the snow module were present, the events creating those conditions were very different. Here is a Seattle Times article from the day of the storm and the day after the storm. A table of Temperature and Precipitation Data for November 19, 1996 from the National Weather Service is also available.

Another snow storm hit Seattle just after Christmas! On December 26, 1996, a winter storm moved in from the coast and dumped from about half a foot in downtown Seattle to 15 inches in the suburbs, particularly those to the north of Seattle. For more information, look at Seattle Times reports from December 26, 1996,   December 27, 1996,  and   December 28, 1996

Consider what you read about the 1990 snowstorm in the snow module and what you remember or have read about more recent snow events. How are they different? How are they the same? Write about this and some of your experiences with recent snow events below and have them posted for others to see!

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