Student Activity #1

Tool designers need to know about the environment in
which their tools will be used.

[Image of Earth] [Image of Mars]
Image courtesy of SEDS Image provided by the
National Space Science Data Center
and NASA's Viking program

Use your knowledge of Earth and the following WWW sites to compile a list of similarities and differences between Earth and Mars. Make your list on a sheet of paper so you can hand it in. Try to see if you can get twice as many as your grade level. This means a kid in grade 5 will try for ten similarities and ten differences. Work with a partner on this activity.

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The Surface Of Mars   "The Nine Planets:" Mars  

"The Nine Planets:" Earth  

Answer the following question after your list of similarities and differences is finished. Work with your partner.

Think about your favorite place on the school playground. Picture it in your mind. Now draw a picture of it.

Now draw a second picture on the same paper. This picture should be of the same place, but you must subtract from the picture everything that would not be there if it was on Mars.

How are your two pictures different?

Be prepared to discuss with the class what you have observed, written, drawn, and discussed with your partner.

[Live from Earth & Mars]__________________________________________________