Student Activity #5

Wrap-Up Activity Suggestions

Choose at least one activity that will demonstrate what you learned
about the "tools" of space exploration.

  1. Have an assembly to display and demonstrate the created vehicles.
  2. Display vehicles in the Library or other central location at school.
  3. Make reports to other classes.
  4. Have a program for parents.
  5. Students e-mail questions to JPL scientists and engineers and share the answers they receive with the rest of the class.
  6. Make a large Mars scene in the classroom, incorporating the vehicles.

Write your responses on a sheet of paper.

  1. How did the tool designers consider differences between the Mars environment and Earth's environment?
  2. How did the tool designers consider Martian obstacles, such as huge boulders, dust storms, etc.?
  3. What specific standards did the tool designers meet?
  4. How did tool designers compare and contrast their designs with Sojourner?
  5. How was the time delay problem solved?

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