Mission to Mars Student Activity #1
To Boldly Go...

You will be given an item or items in a sealed container. You may not open this container or poke holes in it! Remember, you do not know what is in it, so be careful about shaking or dropping it! You and your teammates will be responsible for determining what is in it. You have a number of items available for you to use. Teacher Reference. Remember to use the scientific method to help you organize your exploration. When you have finished conducting your experiments, you will then present the results of your exploration to your classmates. Remember that it is the methods that you use which are more important than actually being right or wrong about what is in your container. Data Sheet.

Mission Debriefing "To Boldly Go..."

You have now had an experience where you tried to determine what something was without being able to see it. It is very tempting to just rip the container open and see what is in it, but, once again, what is important is the method that you followed.

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