Mission to Mars
Data Sheets

There are a variety of methods you can use to obtain these data sheets. Which one you choose depends on how much technical work you are willing to do. The methods are arranged in increasing commitment to technology:

This page contains data sheets for:

Data Sheet Activity #1: "To Boldly Go..."

Names: ______________________________

Date: ____________

Initial observations:


Initial hypothesis: We believe that our container holds


This is because _______________________________________________.

Testing Observations and Notes:

Final Results and Conclusions:

Data Sheet for Activity #2: "I Can See Clearly Now..." -Probing a Planet

Names: _______________________________________________

Surface ID# __________________

Square coordinates Depth (cm)

What is the relationship between the number on your probe and the height, (elevation), of the surface?

How did you and your teammates decide to explore the grid and why did you choose this particular method?

With your teammates, construct a model of what you believe the surface looks like. You may choose several different ways of sharing your information:
1) you may construct your model out of play-dough
2) you may draw the surface illustrating hills or valleys
3) you may use a graph or table to illustrate the change in elevation from one side of your surface to the other.

Your completed presentation must include:
1) your raw data
2) your method of obtaining that data
3) your representation of what the surface looks like
4) a paragraph on any difficulties you had or anything you would do differently next time.
5) your thoughts on whether or not this method of looking at the surface gives you enough detail to make firm decisions about what the surface is like. Is there any other data you would like to have to give you more information about the surface?

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