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Exemplary Programs

One of the most exciting aspects of our collaboration with students and teachers, especially in the development of K-8 programs, is discovering the capabilities of properly challenged and supported students. To provide an immediate benefit to the community, excerpts from some of these programs are presented to help understand student potential, and to take advantage of the developments and ideas: acknowledgements are welcome. At the fifth grade, these programs are developing students' abilities that not only allow them to successfully cope with the future, but to greatly enhance our nation. All we need to do is to assist and respect them, and get out of the way.

Our Internet educational developments are being jointly carried out with teachers, students, schools, parents and the community. We are capitalizing on programs such as those developed by teachers at the Cedar Wood Elementary and the Silver Lake elementary schools, and assisting them in developing their programs to better serve students. Using the excitement of the Mars programs, they cover a broad range of subject matter.

J. E. Tillman

The Live From Mars Project