Live from Earth and Mars
One-Day Workshop Schedule

Time  Activity Notes 
 9:00-9:30  Introduction, Greeting, names/introductions  "Navigating the World Wide Web" handout
9:30-10:30 Log on, walk-through Website "Walk-Through" handout
10:30-10:45 Pathfinder video Animation of Pathfinder mission
10:45-11:45 Mars temperature data downloading/analysis  "Mars Temperature Data Downloading and Analysis" handout (uses online data for Martian sols 2-7) 
11:45-12:15  Mars Q&A  Local Mars Expert(s)
12:15-1:15  Lunch  on own
1:15-2:00  Climate Inquiry  "Washington Climate Inquiry" handout
2:00-2:30  WA weather Q&A  Local Climate Expert(s)
2:30-2:45  Break on own 


 Mars/Earth temperature comparison

 "Earth and Mars Temperature Comparison" handout featuring data from an Earth-based "temperature profiler"


 Wrap-up, Evaluations

 Hand out and collect "Workshop Evaluation" and hand out "Scavenger Hunt"



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