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"Seeing" Mars Close-up
and "Feeling" Mars Dirt

This resource is divided into EXERCISES and INFORMATION. EXERCISES include five exercises that are intended to teach young students about the surface of Mars. The images needed for each exercise are included with each exercise. In one exercise, students can view the surface in 3-D or stereo. In another exercise, students locate "Mr. Toad" in images and on a map. The maps and files needed for each exercise are linked within the exercise and under INFORMATION. INFORMATION includes materials that can be used in the exercises and data on the Viking landing sites

This Viking Lander 2 Surface Material Map is used in Exercise 1.
(Click on image to obtain full size Map )


Here are five exercises that might be fun and instructive for young students. They will "see" Mars close-up and will gain a "feeling" for the surface of Mars. The exercises can be adapted and developed for students of different ages and abilitities. The exercises are summarized below.

The time to load each exercise in seconds, dominated by its images, is indicated [in brackets]. Test conditions: Unix, large systems, dial up ppp protocol, 26 KBaud modems. Direct connect, via high speed interfaces may be faster while serial, dial up interfaces will respond slower.


The data, maps, and text for
these exercises were supplied by:
Dr. Henry John Moore
Scientist Emeritus
Astrogeology Team MS 975
U.S. Geological Survey
345 Middlefield Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
The images, layout, and presentation
for these exercises were supplied by;
James E. Tillman, Research Prof.
(mars@atmos.washington.edu ) and
George F. LeCompte (a volunteer)
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
PO Box 351640
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-1640

Copyright: These data, maps and exercises are in the public domain.
Please credit Dr. Moore, Prof. Tillman and Mr. LeCompte.

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