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MARS RESOURCES are science, mathematics and engineering related data, information and resources for K-12 and public education. These Mars elements include contributions by the "Live from Earth and Mars" Project, colleagues from the NASA JPL Pathfinder and Viking Missions to Mars, and others. Web Resources entries include links to and descriptions of internet resources. Materials and references contains lists and descriptions of articles, books, and other media, including multi-media resources.

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Digital Equipment Corporation, (now Compac) support in providing DEC Alpha workstations is greatly appreciated. These major computational resources provided a key components for the development and distribution of our "Live from Earth and Mars" K-12 science education program, the server and display for the "Where Next, Columbus" exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington D. C., and processing of the Pathfinder data for distribution worldwide to schools and the public "Live from Mars" during the NASA Pathfinder Mission to Mars.

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